Purpose and prosperity 

You are beautiful never forget that

You are worthy always believe that

You were born on purpose for a purpose, trust in that

Love is what you give and receive don’t deny yourself of that

Respect is what you give and what you deserve, except nothing less than that

Believe in something create a foundation for your spirit to prosper.



Hi, everyone 

For some reason when I comment on people’s blog sometimes my comments go to their spam and sometimes people don’t get my comments at all.

I do apologize but just know when I click the like button on your post it is genuine. And truly did enjoy reading and or seeing what you’ve posted.

Blessings to you all smile today be safe and well tonight.

I will love every part of you

Eager mind of mine wants to explore the depth of your soul. I want to known the aches that keep you up at night. So that I make relieve your inner pain. 

Where your tears fall I will kiss you there. Where your hands hurt from the days work, I will kiss you there

 Curious heart of mine seeks to know who you are inside. That I may come into your heart. There is where I want to dwell so that you may feel loved always

In your heart my love will enrich the feeling of pleasure. Passion will be the sensation your heart will be lathered in by me. 

Your mind I want to be in to know what you need and want. So you never again have to be without the things that make you happy. 

I will lay upon your soul a prayer that you will always be strong to continue on after every storm

To your spirit I will speak positivity to encourage you to live a fulfilled life. To uplift you in the moments when you feel weak.

For you I will be the peace of your day to put your mind at ease. With me every part of you will be loved 

Today,yesterday, and tomorrow 

Today I uncover my reasons of walking the border line of sane and insanity
Replaying the play in my mind the lines you spoke the actions you’ve sown. Those things brought me agony but they also gave me reason to be a good person.

This day i hold over me and my life the armor of lessons I learned from yesterday. That I am not your victim I am my life’s victory 

Prosperity flowers can’t grow in the desert of unforgiven sins. So I have forgiven you of my past so I may live my days in peace.

I am not ashamed of what I had to overcome. I blame not life for my affliction, I compliment life on it’s ability to teach me.

I am proud of who I am, I am proud of what I have accomplished in my life.

 This day today that I live, Under my feet is the path to recovery and the steps of a greater tomorrow 


Passion is the thrill that keeps you seeking the most out of life. It provokes you to want to live out loud and hold nothing back.  
Through every fear and or doubt you have passion makes you try.  It makes you give your all in everything you do. 

Passion is the drive that keeps you focused on your career. Passion is what makes your heart gravitate to the one you love.
Passion enhances sounds to not just be heard but felt.

 Passion increases sight to not just be seen but engulfed in your existence. Passion makes flavors enriched to your taste. 

Passion intensifies feeling so it is not just touch, it becomes a physical memory to your senses. 

Passion is what penetrates lust causing desire to be Enchanted ecstacy. 

Passion is a part of living without it can you really enjoy anything? 


Darkened skies call for the sun,  tired of being kept in night.

Fearful soul tries with boldness, tired of being in a cage of fear

Strong heart sheds first tear, tired of hiding emotions

Weak spirit holds on with hope, tired of breaking down

Doubtful mind gives belief a try, tired of the same outcome

Lustful bodies seek love in its purity for the very first time. Tired of being touched and not held in love.

At some point in all our lives we change and become better than before. We all have to change it is a part of living. 

Progression never ceases, you should never stop growing 

What is it about Love?!

What is it about love that makes it so addictive? 

Once you’ve felt it nothing else feels right without it. 

What is it about love that makes the heart want it so bad? 

Once you’ve experienced it you’re never the same again

What is it about love that makes it so powerful? 

It can take the coldest heart and turn it sweet and warm. 

What is it about love that makes it a comfort?

Once it touches you all of your sorrows and loneliness goes away.

What is it about love?

Love is a gift that constantly rebirths itself in every heart that allows it in.

Caged in?

I put a shield to keep my heart safe from the predators that want to inflict pain. I hold a sword at the gate of my life everyday.

Am I living in fear or am I dying in pain? This I wonder because I see smiles on innocent faces, but I can’t let them close. Because, I know the ones with deceitful tongues are near.

There is a guard on the front of my heart. A tall glass that I am trying to move past but my pain reminds me to be cautious of what’s ahead of me. Am I keeping people out or keeping me in?

Secretly hoping someone will break my wall. Let the great glass fall and shatter to pieces so I can live in peace. But, at the same time I feel the need to hide. Afraid the cunning eyes will manipulate me again. Causing me more sorrow tarnishing my hopes of a better tomorrow.

With this fear in my heart and this shield in front of me. Am I protecting me from harm or am I harming myself by guarding my heart?

A New Day risen

Morning has come the light calls us to wake.

The day has begun we are given another chance.  It’s the beginning of a new dance we shall choreograph as we go along 

At this moment I am at a awe of the blessing I’ve been given. To witness such beauty come alive

Your Devine elegance has captivated me. True tranquility like a painting birthed by breathe of life. 

You give me life and hope as you make me rise at the dawn of your eyes first glance at light. 

I can feel your serenity encircling me. Lifting my spirit to peace inhaling you my heart breathes your grace.

A new day we live blessed and highly favored because today this day we live


Dear Lord

Hold my hand keep me from wrong

Dear Lord guide my tongue let me not speak of lies

Dear Lord guide my feet that I walk in light and reject darkness

Dear Lord fill my heart full of love and forgiveness

Dear Lord heal my soul of its pain

Dear Lord give my body strength to face everyday

Dear Lord to you I bow and surrender my will